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Brilliant Review-ARP Appears at the 2024 German TTE Exhibition to Promote the Latest Technologies

This year, ARP Technologies proudly unveils groundbreaking advancements in tire technology! 

l  Explore Our Revolutionary Electromagnetic Heating Shift: Transforming electric curing technology with our innovative approach.

l  Discover Our Unique Nitrogen Circulation System: Enhancing efficiency with our specialized pump and piping design.

l  Experience Enhanced Quality Control: Our advanced stack type of PCI now effectively prevents leakage, ensuring top-notch tire quality.

l  Meet Our Robust SA-S400 Platen Insulator: Capable of bearing heavier loads while maintaining controlled temperatures.

l  Retrofit Made Easy: Learn how our EMH System seamlessly integrates with existing molds.

l  AI-Powered Inspection Machine: Achieving near-perfect linear defect recall rates with cutting-edge AI technology.

l  Leading Sustainability: We’re committed to energy conservation and reducing maintenance needs. 

ARP Technologies: Pioneering Tomorrow’s Tire Technology Today!

Warm congratulations: ARP Technologies has been awarded the Michelin 2023 ENGINEERING QUALITY AWARD

On March 8, 2024, leaders of Michelin China Investment Co., Ltd. visited ARP Technologies and personally presented the 2023 ENGINEERING QUALITY AWARD. ARP Technologies has been awarded this award by Michelin for two consecutive years, which is a high praise and…

Brilliant Review - ARP Technology Appears at the 2023 China International Rubber Technology Exhibition

From September 4th to 6th, 2023, the 21st China International Rubber Technology Exhibition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is an important platform for enterprises in the rubber industry to promote their brands and promote trade, and al…

Michelin award

ARP was granted the Michelin ENGINEERING QUALITY AWARD for OEM during the annual Supplier Relationship Meeting (SRM) held between Michelin and ARP on November 18, 2022.With this award, Michelin applauded the relentless commitment and excellent engineering work …